Shooting at 24fps but when upload it shows 29.97fps?

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Hello all! This is my first post and I am new to the game so I have a newbie question:

I shoot video on my Canon Vixia HF G20 at 24fps but when I upload it onto my computer or onto Hitfilms it is at 29.97fps. Why is this and does this affect quality or the look of the shot? Does converting the clip to 24fps after upload revert the clip back to the original frame rate without any noticeable consequences or does this action only make things worse? 

Any knowledge would help!




  • TriFlixFilmsTriFlixFilms Website User Posts: 925 Just Starting Out

    The project is probably set to 29.97 and the footage is being ran at 29.97 fps even though it was shot at 24. Essentially you are skipping 5-6 frames every second or a couple of frames are being stretched by a fraction of a second.

    To fix this, go the project tab at the top of the HF window and change the fps of the project to 24 and all should be well :)

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    Hi wiretowire,

    Are you shooting in PF24 mode? If this is the case you are shooting in 24p contained in a 29.97 wrapper and have to apply pulldown with a program like After Effects, Neoscene,or DVFilm Maker.  I believe your camera has a true 24p mode so you may want to look for that in your camera settings


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    Hey thank you both so much for your feedback!

    In response to TriFlixFilms: The file on my computer for the clips actually say 29.97 fps not 24 fps so I do not think what you said applies here since I was already setting the timeline at 24fps.


    In response to Manhit: I think what you said applies here since I was using PF24P mode... I already took a lot of footage at this setting so I want to look into converting the footage through the pulldown method you described. Is it a relatively easy process or am I better off saving my time and leaving the footage at 29.97 fps?


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    Hi wiretowire,

     You can leave your footage "as is" if you don't intend to edit it. Since it really is 24p video, you will have problems if you wish to work with it further. It is a very easy process to remove the pulldown to create a 24p file but it does require the purchase, or access to , one of the programs I mentioned. I personally use Neoscene (which is unfortunately no longer available for purchase) and has the added benefit of producing Cineform files which Hitfilm seems to like. Good luck!

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