2nd text layer won't let me type anything

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I've been wanting to add text matching up with someone speaking.

The first text layer I put down is fine, but I can't add any text to a new text layer after that.

Am I being chronically stupid? Is there something obvious I've missed? I'd love some help on this. 

For reference, this is pretty much what I want to do with the text 


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    No you're not doing anything stupid, it's Hitfilm's weird idea of which layer you've got selected getting it wrong.

    Overlapping layers get selected almost at random it seems; although the top layer on the stack gets slight preferential treatment when you click on the screen if layers overlap entirely; with Text that goes out of the window. You can select a layer on the timeline, it is highlighted, click on the 'A', start typing and it'll either do nothing or start typing on another text layer which it decides you really wanted to type on (if you have more than one), even though the layer you want is still clearly highlighted on the timeline. Swap the layer order on the timeline and it'll do something different, but never what you anticipate. Turn a layer invisible and...it'll still get selected when you click on the viewer. And as that's the only reliable way to actually get the cursor to appear so you can type on the layer: you're pretty stuck. 

    Only semi-consistent thing to do is move your text layers so they don't overlap, select them on the timeline, select 'A', click on them for the cursor to appear, add the text, then move them back into place afterwards.

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    So there's no way to just type on the text layer you want? I'd be fine with me making a mistake, but this is frustrating. Is there any devs on here that can fettle this?


    *EDIT* I, out of annoyance,  resized the text box and the cursor turned up on screen. A really silly work around, but it does the job >.>

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