Faster editing / clip movement

I'm not sure how to phrase this. I'm somewhat new to Hitfilm (edited six videos so far).

I realized I spend more time slicing, deleting, and adjusting where my video chunks (clips?) are than anything else.

Is there a way to slice a piece, delete, and when it deletes, automatically move what's left over to the left (so it can join the other clips? I spend so much time dragging pieces together.

Please explain it to me like I'm five years old. I was reading about the Ripple tool but the manual is extremely vague and I can't for the life of me figure out how to use it or if that's even what I need.


  • CervierCervier Website User Posts: 156 Just Starting Out
    edited September 2016

    Once you've sliced the bit you want to remove, you can either:

    - right-clic on it and choose "ripple delete object"

    - or select it and press [Alt]+[Del], as suggested in the pop-up menu.


    Or if you already removed it and are left with a gap, then right-clic on that gap and select "ripple delete gap"

  • blindmouseblindmouse Website User Posts: 3

    I could have sworn I tried the first part. Cut out a chunk and right-click but never saw a ripple delete option. I tried to slice a clip up and press Alt-Del but never did anything.

    Will report back and see what happens.

  • blindmouseblindmouse Website User Posts: 3

    Okay for some reason during my last session, I couldn't get the options to appear at all. Now they appear.

    Hitfilm can be so spotty sometimes... Thank you for the help!

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