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I am trying to edit up a small excerpt of a MilSim gane by using diffent viewpoints for a CSAR operation.  I downloaded a strean from Youtube (with the owner's permission) whcih is almost two hours long as I needed a 6 minute section to use for cutaways and reactions.  Imported it to Hitfilm4 Express.

I set In and Out points and moved it to the time line.  However there is no sound.  The video is in MP4 format and it plays fine on the computer with sound but there is no sound apparent on the clip,  I am obviously doing something wrong, maybe someone could make a suggestion.

I thought it would be relatively simple to snip out an excerpt and then subdivide it to provide cutaways and context to the main CSAR video, guess I was wrong.


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    Try running the entire footage through Handbrake. If the clip you are looking at is near the end of the two hours and the Audio and Video are running out of sync, then it is possible that the audio has simply run out by the time the video gets to your clip. Here is a video explaining how to do that...

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