Working on my Demo Reel


  • KirstieT
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    Nice demo reel man! You've got a great combination of different stuff going on there - really showcases your different skills!
    Just out of interest - which was your favourite project to do?
    Your lighting, model work and humour is spot on for these scenes. Out of everything, the only thing that I noticed a potential issue with was some of the tracking. But, I feel like you've improved on that since then. 
    Awesome work @HitFilmer77874 and thanks for sharing :)

  • Triem23
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    Yeah, a lot of nice stuff in the real, and I remember several of the shorts. Only thing I DON'T like is your thumbnail. It's a nice shot, but... Just.... Nice. 

    I suggest that last shot before the "thumbnail wall," with the screaming man and the two explosions. Still has a human for "personal interest," but has explosions for some excitement and action.

    Also, name and contact info at the end so a prospective client doesn't have to hunt that down. 

  • Ahssan
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    Awesome stuff all of the work in your portfolio is great. Gave me few ideas as well. great man

  • Takeoff
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    Very nice! The only critisim I have though is that you've overused colorgrading in some shots in my opinion. Also a vignette does not have to be there sometimes... Anyways, keep up your good work!

  • [Deleted User]
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    Lovely demo reel. :)

    I agree with @Takeoff - I think that there's so much detail being lost due to the grading. Either not properly corrected then graded, not that great camera settings, too compressed files or not enough lighting.

    I'm never going to understand why 99% of the people who make shortfilms etc make them look amateurish because of the heavy grades which for a lot of the viewers is too much, because what looks good on your display might not look as good on someone elses display, it's better to be subtle when it comes to color.

    That's because even if your display is calibrated to display accurate colors with true 16.7m colors or more with FRC, what looks subtle on your display is going to look absolutely bananas on someone elses display, which unfortunately is the majority. I think TN displays are still the most common displays out there, so something worth to consider before you color correct and grade your next reel.

    My monitor is very bad, it's got access to display about 260k colors, where as most modern displays are able to display 16.7m colors.

    This makes oversaturation and boosted contrast (to the point it's doing more harm than good) look especially bad on my display, it would be noticeable but not as much if I had a newer display.

    I think that this is important for clients, it's the difference between something that looks professional and amateurish.

    If it turns out that you're limited by the equipment you use, then I take it all back, but quality should be #1 priority in a busy indie market like filmmaking and VFX.

    I got to be the main camera operator for 2 years in a row, 3 got selected out of 100k and I was one of those 3 twice. 

    My reel was nothing special, but color is something I worked extra hard on before presenting my work. I like to think that's why I got selected, considering I did view a lot of other people's work, and a lot of it is perfectly good shots but with contrast boosted way too high. Just a thought but may not be true at all, as I would never find out myself, but in my head still seems to be the most likely...


    Looking forward to your next reel :)