#FloridaFunk The Video The steps on how I got there

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Some of you may have seen my actual first composite of the alligator in a prada pantsuit here: Florida Funk Alligator this thread here tho is to blog on about my process in creating these FX shots for our Music Video Florida Funk

Been Hard at work rotoscoping and keying out my writing partner Andrew (hes from the UK ) got tired so  changed up gears and put together the assets Ill need for another FX shot that goes along with the songs lyric "Grey Flamingoes with leathery faces drivin fast cars down the AIA headed down to Key west for some of that weekend play."

So a quick trip to Adobe Stock found me a sweet cartoon flamingo but My idea to roto out the guy in my footage and replace him with a flamingo  wouldnt work as a flamingo is VASTLY different than a human driving a car... no doubt...

So I adapted my vision for the shot... and added a driving buddy a "HipHopHippo" named Percival from Adobe Stock.

Before and After

The top Part of the image is the original frame from the footage Im using and the bottom half is the layered composite image. Each layer containing my animation assets. Which I will animate in Hitfilm or Synfig. The car itself  nor the camera doesnt move so the sign and the background will move with some motion blur added and for the flamingo and hippo I have simple animations in mind: an eye blink a head turn, some bling bling gleams etc.

The wing/arm I drew In Corel draw and is meant as a placeholder as my art doesnt match the art from Adobe Stock and between my wife and I we are matching up the wing with the flamingoes body

My Wife Michelle Helping out by painting up the feathers to match the flamingo

Each layer in photoshop is a animation asset that can be moved rotated skewed blurred to give this otherwise static scene some semblance of life.

My foray into learnig hitfilm has lead me to learn that it does not do all things and it was never meant to but by learning hitfilm I am able to PLAN my shots and how best to achieve my final goal of a stellar music video showcasing not only my musicial abilities but my visual art and Viz FX skills.

Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions give feedback as I append to the thread as I move thru production.

Best regards