Character Introduction for my movie "1040 Not so EZ"


This was my first editing practice with Hitfilm, and think it came out pretty good.


  • Stargazer54
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    @nasirhakim15 Some nice touches as a trailer and nice lighting.  Almost a slight vignette on Cecilia, putting the focus is on her - very good.

    My only downside is the fake flares.   For example around Huck's background and Shad's gun.  I get that you are trying to tie these elements together as a theme, but the flare is too pronounced, almost overbearing to the point that it will take your audience out of the show.   I'd dial that back a bit. (but just my opinion).

    Next obvious question - did you edit this in HF4 Express or HF 4?

  • jeroenweug
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    Looks really profesional. I like the overall look and grading and lighting looks really good as well!

    It also looks really well acted, are you making a short film, or a feature length film?

    The only thing that looked strange to me was the inconsistency in the tittles. You used the white for the names which I liked, nice and clean. But then you had the Grey tittles with the edges that looked a little inconsistent with the rest.

    I can see what Stargazer said about the flares. Maybe a touch more subtle would work better. Something to play around with ;)

    Awesome work, looking forward to seeing the full movie.

  • jeroenweug
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    Oh... a last thing I noticed that is also important I think is to change your thumbnail to something more exciting. I was hesitating to click to the next post as the thumbnail was really not very exciting, and was very surprised to see some great action!

    Very important part of getting people engaged in my opinion.

    For instance the frame of pulling the gun, or the two men sitting in the car, would show more action I think.

  • Andy001z
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    Pretty good, my feedback would be. White titles are nice but on several the placement of them meant they blended into the background a bit too much. Flares (as above commented, distraction and breaks the moment). One other thing the music is giving me the tone which is cool but in some of the shots there is clearly spoken dialouge that I don't know what is being said, this is frustrating. Oh and it feels a bit long, maybe shave someone the scenes down a tad.