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Hello, I posted this as a follow-up comment on an older 2011 post, but decided to start a new thread. There are great improvements to be made in terms of shortcuts and customization of the program. Workflow and it's speed are essential. Adding markers and quickly going to a marker (e.g. ctrl+1, 2 ...) are important in projects more than a few clips long.

Several other improvements came to mind:

  • More accurate zoom-in (with scroll wheel, the bot-left corner is fine)
  • A way to handle multiple pictures (or items in general) in a timeline, when the length is changed, the pictures don't move and one has to manually adjust the position of every picture again
  • Option for the playback not to stop for every single action taken, even scrolling the timeline
  • Add a split key? Like 's', but instant split. It's convenient to split a selected item or every item in a given time based on the position of the playback cursor.
  • The playback cursor could move with each mouse click, not just to the top of the editing section (essential for the previous suggestion)
  • Hotkey to zoom to project size (like "P" does for the I-O)

All in all, it's great to have a free editing software this powerful in terms of effects and all this glossy stuff. But I would gladly see drastic workflow improvements at the cost of a few new VFx. Also, let me know if I'm wrong and just missed something.



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