Help with my microphone placement (still on it's way)

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I have this setup on it's way, as an attempt to upgrade my audio setup without having to spend too much money for what to me would be diminishing returns.

My goal was voice overs and foley, though it doesn't have a low latency headphone output, but I should be fine because I won't sing in to it.

The question I have is what way should the mic be facing? I see a lot of comments about damaging a mic if it's not hanging upside down, and so on.

I literally can't find anything useful that answers this question, my guess based on what I've read is that my mic isn't a high quality studio mic, so I can rotate and use it in any way I want, but it's still a condenser mic with 10-20k Hz so I'm very confused and damaging the mic voids warranty obviously.


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    With any mic, the placement will affect the sound. So the best thing to do is run a series of tests, recording audio with the mic in a variety of positions, and see which one sounds best to you.

    That mic does not need to be upside down, it doesn't contain a tube, so overheating isn't an issue. As your reddit link discusses, the reason some mics are placed upside down is so the heat of the tubes doesn't damage the actual microphone element over time. It is impossible to damage the warranty by how you position that mic. Unless you position it under a truck tire or something. But the angle of the mic, its distance from your mouth,  and its position in whatever room you are in will all affect the sound, so its just a matter of finding which position gives the tone you want, and isn't in your way.

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    That's good to know, my mic didn't look any different from a tube mic though so that's why I had to ask. Asking specific questions and finding an answer is impossible for me, probably because of bad grammar or whatever.

    I'm looking forward to this, finally a mic that doesn't suck.... :)

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