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Hello Filmmakers,

I am a 13 year old boy and I like to create videos for my YouTube however I haven't been uploading because I am going to get a PC for my room and also I would like to ask if the people who made HitFilm would like to add a new support feature just to get the cutting edge of an advantage. I hate Adobe Film Editors because it is too complicated therefore I love HitFilm which I do.

So I can make new videos in the future, I need to need a software that can record videos and to record just my voice in one track and the desktop audio in another. Before anybody says Audacity, NO! I despise it, it is so bad, its unbelievable. Sorry to those Audacity fans out there but I hate it.

So on OBS you can record a video with two different tracks. I know this works as when I go into windows 10 film player thing and I can hear that it is only my voice then I go into HitFilm thinking that there is support for this however instead of being 2 tracks, it is 1 with both merged into each other.

These top YouTubers who post these tutorials on this all use Adobe Premiere. I am not going to pay £500 a year just to have this application. Which is why I went to HitFilm.

If you are a HitFilm Producer/Developer/Worker, please can you put support for this as I am requesting that this should be in.

.                           Thanks

.                                              ieuan


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    You're 13 so I assume you attend school, Adobe suite is $15 a month for you. A total of $180 a year vs HFP4 at $300, but with Adobe you get many programs such as Photoshop, AE, and Premiere.

    With all due respect, if you are detered from something because it is 'hard' parhaps you should find something else. Something you are passionate about and are willing to learn whatever it takes to be the best at it.

    When I bought HFP4 it was also because I thought AE was hard, but I quickly realized many aspects of HFP4 are just as hard as AE. So unless you are willing to learn something 'hard' I dont think HF is going to solve your problems.

    HF staff reads nearly every post and will likely add your suggestions to their list of most practical and requested items to impliment in HFP5.


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    Also you can link audio wave forms in the editor I believe so once they are synced they will move together to the same postion. I personally prefer to select my multiple audio tracks once I have the sound I want and right-click + create composite clip.

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    Thanks TriFlixFilms however I am going to stay with HitFilm as it is my Dads account and he doesn't like to purchase software that much. Especially if it is a few dollars/euros/pounds a month just to get it. And I don't like much Adobe programs, the only one I actually like is Photoshop which is essential also I use Adobe After Effects only for my intros and I cant upgrade it to a newer version and I don't really like it ( ieuan alli is my youtube) Also can I have a list on steps on how to physically add/separate them. Also can the creators of HitFilm see please so they can add some more features in.



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    What is HFP4? If it is HitFilm 4 Pro then we already have it as my Dad got it at the thanksgiving time of when this came out.

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    Help please,

    If any member of HitFilm staff or anybody know how do you split multitrack audios for free (Not Audacity) Please feel free to comment because I still need this.




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    Option 1:  Avidemux  - Import an OBS clip.  On the left side make sure Video Output and Audio Output are set to copy and set Output Format to MP4v2 Muxer.  Now go to the Audio menu and select "Select Track". Uncheck every track except Track 1 and click OK. Now click the Save Video icon (second from the left and looks like a floppy disc) and save your file with a new name. This won't be transcoding so it will go fast and you'll have a clip with only one audio track.

    Now go to the Audio menu again and select "Select Track". Uncheck  Track 1 and check Track 2, set the output to PCM (the default will be copy) and click OK. Go back to the Audio menu once more and this time select "Save audio". A file requester will open and you can name the track. Avidemux will not automatically add the file extension you have to do it yourself so for PCM audio be sure add .wav to the file name when you save. Repeat for each additional track. This process saves the additional tracks as HitFilm compatible uncompressed WAV files.

    Import the video clip and all your audio tracks into HitFilm. You can link them all once they are placed on the timeline if you want. 

    Option 2:  Try alternatives to Audacity until you find something you like. 

    6 Awesome Alternatives To Audacity For Recording & Editing Audio

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    They all look dodgy but I appreciate your reply. Thanks Aladdin 4D.

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    Found an awesome tool.

    It is called:

    AVS Audio Editor.

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    @Alladin4D How about in HitFilm Pro 2017

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    No change El Magoo. 

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