Why I haven't posted in a while.... ;)

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So it's been about two weeks since my last post, and to be honest I think I just hit post burnout and needed a break. Me and the family did something radical we took something called a holiday, a break, time away, yep we down tooled and hit the road. Left the internet behind and went back to nature (no we did take clothes with us). Anyway, I just felt I should share my absence..... OKAY I'll stop, yes I am messing with you, yes I had a holiday like most regular people, but when I got back I could not help but notice the number of YouTubers that had posted messages about why they had been absent for 3 weeks or such time. Come on, is it really necessary, are we all really going to start panicking if a post does not go online, sure I might be curious but its life. Am I going to hit the unsubscribe button just because so and so has not posted in two weeks, no of course not. And before you all go telling me they are running businesses, I get it, have some confidence in your brand.

Well that was a long one. Anyway I'm back, and yes I had a lovely time.


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