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Hi folks,

Transitioning from an antiquated Mac workstation to a new Windows 10 computer I built. I have not really edited video on a PC before and am encountering some issues transcoding files.

I have a Canon 60D producing .mov container h.264 video files. Hitfilm will not play these, and h.264 is a finishing format anyway, so I want to transcode my files to an intermediate editing codec that Hitfilm will recognize. What workflow and (hopefully free) tools are you folks using to bump your footage to something useable with Hitfilm?

I previously tried to use VLC player to convert to MPEG-4, but Hitfilm didn't care for that file type either.

I really appreciate your suggestions and advice!


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    Ok, Hitfilm should play mov files from a Canon 60d,because I ingest mov files from a 60d.

    On Windows you'll need to download and install Quicktime (the whole package, not the player), then turn off Quicktime plug-ins for Web browsers. There's a security hole in Windows Quicktime Apple is never going to fix, so shutting off web access closes the hole.

    Second best file format for Hitfilm editing is DNxHD codec in mov wrapper. Those codecs are free and can be downloaded here:

    MPEG Streamclip is a good program to transcode. It's free and can be downloaded here:


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    I transcode my Canon 600D's files from H.264 .MOV to DNxHD (usually 175) .MOV.

    I use MPEGStreamclip, and the DNxHD codec is free to download.

    I never had any issues with QuickTime, but I suppose if you're paranoid it makes sense. I don't run a  'high-end' Anti-Malware or Anti-Virus software either. The only protection I have is my router's firewall, Windows firewall, and Window's Anti-Virus called Window's Defender.


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    @Triem23 The link for the Avid codecs is very old (2.3.7). Here is a link for the current codec download (2.7.1). It's probably not critical but best to have the current stuff.

  • MPEG Streamclip was part of my old workflow, but is it really the best option? I find it hard to believe everyone's still using software like it and quicktime that hasn't been updated in 6-8 years.

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    Mpeg Streamclip still works. There are other transcoders as well. 

    For intermediate codecs, the two most used remain DNxHD and ProRes. 

    As far as Quicktime goes, yeah, with so many DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras recording to mov files, yes, Quicktime remains in wide use, and still will before (probably) another 5-10 years. There's a fair amount of Hitfilm's user base still on computers from five years ago and using 5-7 year old cameras that still require Quicktime. 

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    I love mov and prores :) works very well when tossing projects between Final cut pro, Hitfilm pro, Garageband, Audacity and 3ds max.

    Im sure DNxHD is great, just haven't every used it myself :) Instal quicktime and HF works perfectly.

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    I'm going to upgrade my PC to a Xeon Haswell or Skylake 4c 8t by Christmas, I noticed some stutter even with DNxHD, and I suppose the only cause for that is the A8-5500 CPU that I'm using.

    I love QuickTime, I was a Mac user for many years, and the main playback software was QuickTime, so I don't mind. On my Windows PC I don't see QuickTime anywhere, my default playback is WMP so QuickTime is just there in the back doing it's thing.