Creating a .eps for Boris Extruded EPS

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I was trying to use the BCC Extruded EPS feature but couldn't export a suitable .eps file.

I've tried Photoshop CS5.5, Inkscape , the beta version of Serif Affinity Designer and exporting from Acrobat as a .eps - none of these worked. The .eps file from Inkscape would crash Hitfilm when imported into BCC.

I've even tried exporting "paths to Illustrator" from Photoshop (since BCC Extruded EPS works with Illustrator files) and that didn't work either. 

For people without Adobe Illustrator and have used this BCC feature, please let me know how you created your files for import.


  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast

    I have not tried to create EPS files for import but I have downloaded a number of items from the net at had some mixed results. It seems possible that Boris is a little picky about the EPS files it imports.

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    Thanks @NormanPCN, that's what I expected which is a shame. There's a lot that could be done if it accepted EPS files from other programs. Let's cross our fingers!

  • BriReddBriRedd Website User Posts: 98 Just Starting Out

    So, after going to the Boris website I read that the EPS Extruded feature works specifically with layered Adobe Illustrator files and (it seems) .eps files created in Illustrator.

    I guess the next step is to write to Boris for expanded format compatibility


  • PencilandincPencilandinc Website User Posts: 143
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    Had nothing to do last weekend and was playing with the Boris 3d objects add-on that I'd just bought for my copy of HitFilm 4  Express. BriRedd is right. Tried Affinity Designer, Inkscape, sK1...nothing works other than illustrator. With one exception. Freehand MX. Saved a couple of things from Freehand out into the illustrator 7.x format and it worked like a charm in hitfilm's Boris add-on.

  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast
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    As I understand it Boris only likes Illustrator 8 EPS and AI files. Very old. I tried Title designer in Boris 10 and it did not like an EPS file exported from Affinity.

    With an incompatible file you might need Illustrator ($$$) to read and save the old format to use in Boris.

  • PencilandincPencilandinc Website User Posts: 143

    Reminds me of older versions of Lightwave 3D, they could only accept AI 8.0 or lower versions of the Illustrator file format to import for extrusion. Don't really know why Boris accepted Adobe Illustrator 7.0 files exported out of Freehand. The whole AI 8.0 thing very well could have something to do with the fact that--after Illustrator 8--Adobe started modifying the Illustrator file format to be more in line with PDF. This is why one can edit many elements of a PDF directly in Illustrator without having to return to the original file that a PDF may have been authored in/exported from.

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    have your eps only vector-grafik.... ? or some picture? cmyk or rgb?

    because photoshop eps is not clean vector-grafik




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