Multicam editing in Hitfilm, doing with what it's got...

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A few days ago, I asked in the comments of I-can't-remember-what-Hitfilm-official-video about multicam possibilities and was told there are none as such and was hinted at a way to do without.

Let me say first I understand why multicam isn't high on the priority list of features to add. HF is VFX oriented and not targeted at people who film concerts or shows.

But multicam would be nice anyway, and it made me wonder how I would do it if I had to or wanted to. The hinted method would have worked but I thought it was too unpractical compared to on-the-fly (sort of) multicam editing you can do in Lightworks, Resolve or even Blender.

And, I wanted to know how close you can make it look as if you had used a saw when really all you had was a pocket knife. I like that kind of challenge. Plus, I was interested in knowing if I could find a good-enough method that would allow me to do multicam with reasonnable ease without leaving Hitfilm, which I like more and more.

Here is a quick video

The example in this project is simple in a way (only 3 angles + 1 ext. sound, less than 3 minutes), more complicated in others (different sizes, codecs and frame-rates).

I'm very aware of that method's limits, but all in all, I'm rather happy with it. I hope some of you will find it usefull.


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    @Cervier I've skimmed your video but you have the Split Screen Masking effect to do this kind of things. This effect comes with the starter pack in HF4 Express (and is included in Pro).

    I'm not saying that HitFilm has multi cam support but there are probably better ways of working around the lack of it. I'll tag in @Triem23 as he's a guru of the multi cam and may have other ideas

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    Any advancements in this thread? I am solely using HF, loving it, however not being able to call Multicam clips on the fly is a real hindrance. Loving the software though.

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    Oops. I missed this last year. When I get back to the states I'll look into this. For now, Hitfilm doesn't have dedicated multicam yet. 

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