The effects don't work in the Express version

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Are the effects part of the express version? For some reason I can't get them to work. I even bought the starter pack and for some reason I am having trouble getting any of the effects to work.  Every time I try and drag them I get a circle with a line through on my mouse pointer. Any help would be great.


  • PalaconoPalacono Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,442 Enthusiast

    Where are you dragging them to?

    Those that say 'Layer Only' as part of the name have to be on a Composite shot. The rest will drop onto a track on the Editor Timeline. Although for more control - such as adding keyframes - you still might want to drag those into a Composite shot of the video clip.

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    Yes, the effects available to you in Express are ment to work in Express. I think this is a job for the support team if you're having issues with your purchase. They occassionally reply to forum threads, but this is not something you want to discuss here.

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    The "circle with a line through it" icon will be displayed when you are dragging an effect, but the cursor is not positioned over an item you can drop the effect onto. Once your cursor reaches a timeline layer that can accept the effect, that icon will disappear.

  • dobishdobish Website User Posts: 3

    I tried dragging the effects to the timeline and nothing changes. I can't get the effects to open up more then the description of the effects so not enough to adjust anything. I have used several video editing programs so it would be easy to tell if was working. So, I chose this forum in case anyone else had this problem it would help them also. Thanks.

  • dobishdobish Website User Posts: 3

     Ok, it looks like I needed to drag the effect all the way to the picture and then I can open the window and change the degree. Looks like that may be it. I'll try it some more.

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