reporting an issue: nothing displayed in audio track of proxies

Cervier Posts: 159 Just Starting Out*

(I'm reporting an issue here because the link in "how to report issues" sent me to a "Page not found")



I open a new project and import various files (1080p 25fps, 720p 25fps, 720p 30fps). When I put them on the time line, the audio tracks display waveforms, as they should.

I made proxies of the clips, everything worked fine. I saved the project and closed HF (just tested: problem is the same if I reopen the project immediatly after saving it, without leaving HF).

When I opened the project again, the audio tracks were there but didn't display the waveforms, whatever the zoom factor. The sound was still there, but not the waveforms.

screen capture

I tried unlinking the clip before making a proxy with the video only (not sure proxies work that way, but why not try...) it didn't help. I proxied the clip on tracks #1 but not the one on tracks #2. Notice how the unproxied clip still displays the audio, but not the other.



I use HitFilm 4 Express, on a PC with Windows 10, an i3 proc. + 8 Gb RAM