Anna The Dune Queen teaser

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My very first ever video  :D 
I was there to shoot the Behind The Scenes video, not an actual video shoot, and made this from BTS material. Let me know what you think.


  • SimonKJones
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    I'd say the grade takes away from the visuals. What could be a striking visual of the actress/model in an unusual outfit on the sand is diminished by the flickering film damage effect. The old-film style effect is quite extreme and doesn't seem to suit the subject, so I'd definitely try toning it down.
  • I agree with simon about the grading. Bad choice. I did however like the choice of music. I think it fit just fine.
  • Ambiroa
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    The theme was madmax/post-apocalyptic. So this teaser was never intended to be showing clean or clear footage, but bit dirty/rough and mysterious. The actual behind the scenes that I am working on will not have grading except from color correction.