Hitfilm and Hitfilm mocha 5secs Alligator wearing a prada pantsuit

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I spent a lot of hours trying to create a 5 second clip of an alligator wearing a prada pant suit for our upcoming music video Florida Funk but I just couldnt get it... 1 I was using the wrong software 2 I didnt know about mocha hitfilm being bundled in and 3 I had no clue about rotoscoping masks or even what rotoscoping really was...

A few google searches keyed off the info I learned from a video from feb of this year by Axel which is a hitfilm tut teaching on rotoscoping the hilts on kylo renns lightsaber led me to a mocha video on masking and rotoscoping a mask and a few hours later I was able to produce this 5 second composite shot for our video Florida Funk.

the Lyric: "Alligators in prada pantsuits with a shiny rocks on their scaley little hands"

Huge thanks to Axl, Simon, and Kirstie from Hitfilm and to Martin from Mocha yall rule!


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    Convincing composite. Fun idea. Nicely done! 

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    Thank you triem that means alot to me!!!

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    The Videos that got me to be able to produce this are here

    Martin Brennand from Mocha Tut Published on Jul 20, 2015
    Axels Tutorial Published on Feb 23, 2016

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    Very cool! Can you share more info on this?  What exactly was done in this clip?  Was it just putting the suit on the gator and adding the flare, or were there more elements involved?

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    Well since you asked so nicely I'll try to explain how I used those two videos to my benefit and what I learned from them so let's start off with what I was actually trying to do or accomplish.

    The line from our song as I stated above is "alligators in a Prada pants suits with a shiny rock on their scaly little hands". Great visual right? Everybody has seen the video of the giant alligator walking across the golf course (which is not far from me here in bradenton FLA).

    So I grabbed a copy of that footage and trimmed it down to 5 Seconds. (yes I got permissions from the person who shot it to use 5 seconds in the music video) I imported that footage into hitfilm as a composite shot then sent it to mocha drew a X-Spline shape mask around the alligator that I wanted to create the pantsuit from tracking the movement of the right side legs the ones facing the camera the hardest part (I ldidnt even track the left side legs as they were in deep shadow) was going through keyframing the movement of the legs so that the arm and leg holes of the pantsuit (which is just a mask) so they tracked with the legs on the alligator. Hence my first foray into rotoscoping using the actual tracked footage of the aligator walking of just its body and part of the right front and right rear legs as my "pantsuit" Once I was satisfied with the motion track and rotoscope of this masked footage I exported the shape data has a .hfcs which was then imported back into Hitfilm 4 pro and stacked as a layer onmy original footage in my composite shot. I llined up the shape data footage to o and my mask fit right on top of my full scene layer under neath.

    setting the shape data layer from mocha to ADD so that only the sectionI had so carefully tracked and keyframed to be visible dropping out everything else

    You might be saying at this point so what now you have an alilgator walking and a pice of an alligator walking how does that make it a lovely pantsuit???

    well Ill tell ya selecting the shape data layer in my composite shot and selecting hue saturation brilliance from the color effects and dropping it onto the shape data layer then playing with the hue and saturation and brilliance  I turned a dark green almost black piece of alligator into a lovely pantsuitand since I used HSB I retained all the shadow and highlight image data fromt he original footage making it look like the alligator is actually wearing a pantsuit.

    for the shiny rock i created a new composite shot created a text layer sized to 40x40  typed in a * using Impact font and added a lens flare effect and copied that composite shot layer on top of the main composite shot and keyframed the flares opacity scale position and intensity I probably should have used a point layer to track it but since it was such a short duration and so small ( I had to zoom to 800% to see everything clearly to move this tiny  * to move with the front right leg for 3 seconds) a few simple key frames was all I needed. for a 5 second cisual FX shot that took approximately 6 hrs total to create and my first reall FX shot conceived and created from start to finish Im pretty proud of myself and I gained a wealth of knowledge from the 2 videos I referenced above and gained a level of ease and comfort with hitfilm that had previously eluded me learning where the drag an shift tool was stumped me for a bit before  reallized the icon was right in from of me the whole time which is useful for getting around the viewer window and you dont want to move your elements just move the good bits into view when you are xoomed in so close mochas shift Z for zoom and shift X for pan of the viewer is spot on and hopefully hitfilm can incoporate this as well


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    I'd actually not seen the original gator shot before this.  Thanks for the details!  Much more than I expected, actually, but very interesting to know how it was done.

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