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 Hi there, my name is Jackson. A little while back I a wrote a Minecraft short film, and recently we started preparing for Production. We've made videos in the past (, But never anything like this.

I'll be editing it it Hitfilm 4 Pro. One of my friends volunteered to do some rotoring for us, so I was wondering how I should go about getting Hitfilm on another computer?

Also, I was wondering where I could find a composer. I generally use Royalty Free Music, but it sounds like Royalty Free Music. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a composer that had maybe just started out, and would be interested in helping on a short film?

Finally, I want to make sure I'm not butchering anyhting:) If you guys would look at my channel, and maybe give me some constructive critism? That way I don't make as many mistakes. Big thanks.


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    I have terrible internet where I am right now (I've given up after waiting five minutes for one of your videos to buffer), so no critique at the moment.

    So... To get Hitfilm on your friend's computer, the "official" answer is your friend should buy a copy. The "unofficial" answer is that a Hitfilm 4 Pro license can be installed on three computers--however, according to your EULA, all three machines are supposed to belong to the same user.

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    On the lines of music, I don't know of any up and coming composers but I do know of a good website and a great easy to use software. Jukedeck asks you to put in the instrument you want, the feel of the music and how long you want it to be and it will search through thousands of tracks to find the ones that suit your category. Filmstro is a paid composing software that allows you to alter the music to fit your film by changing the Momentum, Power and Depth. It is only $9.99 per month and I strongly recommend it.

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    @FilmTech I love the idea of Filmstro, and if we decide to only put the film on YouTube, we'll probably go in that direction.

    That said, I am considering the Triune All Music pack. It comes with over twenty songs that can be used however you like, and all the stems are included, so it's sort of like Filmstro. Although it is more expensive. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I have some Triune Packs. Those are good. 

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    +1 on the Triune tracks.  Good stuff.

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    @YFTS I'd be really interested to see this Minecraft short film when you've finished it! Do update this thread when we can watch it! :)