Composite shot strange behavior when selecting a point

pieguy Posts: 8
edited August 2016 in Post-production techniques

I'm doing motion tracking and made the track, motion tracked it, and went to go and make a point. When I made the point and selected it, the screen goes black. I then realize when I select my other things in the same composite shot, they aren't represented by where they are on the screen. instead, you select each picture to see what it looks like, straight from the media.

I'll explain better, ok. here we go.

I make a point, selecting it. I then go and select the other photos and animated videos. all of the keyframing had gone. there is the timeline displayed, but for the pictures any keyframing isn't there or possible to do. Instead you can only see each picture by clicking on it, with a picture taken straight from the media and centered on the page. When you select an inserted video you can then use the timeline. 

The thing that made me think this was a bug is how when i ctrl+z and the point's gone the bug still continues.

HELP ME! (pls)