Exporting to mp4 reduces color value by exactly 101 hexadecimal

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I'm making a heavily thresholded video clip - ipod commercial-style - so that the result has only two colors. The clip looks fine in the editor but once I export it, the main color value reduces by excactly 101 in hex. (#64BD45 changes to #64BC44).

It's not just the thresholded sections either but the titles and other places without the effect as well.

Tested this out by taking screenshots in various places in the editor and in the result.  When comparing the color values, they are consistently off by 101 and not seemingly because of video compression.

Is there something I can do about this, other than compensate by adding the 101 hex in the threshold color value and titles?

Already tried exporting to uncompressed avi and that seems to solve the issue but rather not waste my disk space in the future.

Export settings:

Mp4, 1920*1080, 30 fps, Profile: High, Level: 4.0, Variable Bitrate, 1 pass, Target Bitrate 8 Mbps, Max Bitrate 12 Mbps


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    Try an mp4 with your bitrate raised to 20 mbps from 8. 

    8 mbps is very VERY low, and the lower you cram the bitrate the more color aliasing and jaggy edges you'll see. 

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    The following may be a possibility.

    In Hitfilm when you export to MP4 it performs a Full range to studio/video levels adjustment. This is because most, or all, video players expect video levels. Video players on will expand the levels back to full range, which is what computer displays require, but that adjustment can be changed on/off in most players via option.

    The range compression and subsequent expansion will not be bit exact but not with a level difference you state and thus my speculation about the range levels above.

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    I believe a similar thing is happening to my camera's video after I transcode it to DNxHD, literally none of the settings on the list in MPEG Streamclip gets rid of the much brighter output. I think that's just the contrast though, but this may be completely off topic.

  • thedespicable
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    Thanks for the quick replies.

    I tried exporting at 20 Mbps with vbr and cbr. On both files the color changed as stated. I "solved" the issue by compensating for the change in threshold settings and by recoloring my titles etc.

    Also, as a side note, the video looks different on different players. Here are comparison shots from roughly the same time and place on the video before compensating for the change from exporting: http://imgur.com/a/9LY3H

    After compensating, the video still doesn't display correctly on VLC or Android but does on Mpc-hc and Windows Media Player. Hopefully Youtube compression won't mess it up further..

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    @thedespicable  YouTube assumes all input is at video levels and will expand it to full range just like @NormanPCN described

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