Particle colour variation

I am doing a shot where sand is falling from a grate in the ceiling of a tomb and pouring onto one of my characters. As this is an animated film I have a lot of control over the non particle elements of the shot.

Here's what I have so far....

I have two layers of animation - the background and the character.

I then have a dust cloud .mov coming up from the bottom. I will colour match this a bit better when I have finished with the particles.

Then I have the particles. 

Firstly I want to vary the look of the particles. At the moment I have selected Debris-dust, which is fine, but how do I vary the colour?

Also is it possible to use a custom image for the particles - i.e. to use an image of a grain of sand.

I think I also want to play with the lifetime settings, but I have HitFilm 4 Pro and the option seems to have moved from the tutorials....

I was expecting the lifetime panel here...

Missing Lifetime

Where can I find this control in HF4 ?

Thanks in advance.



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    You sure you aren't thinking of Trapcode Particular tutorials? The Lifetime Panel has never been there in Hitfilm. The Lifetime Panel is actually a completely different panel from the Controls panel.

    If you're not seeing the Lifetime Panel, then look for the icon near the top of the scree that looks like nine squares. That's the menu for cumtomizing the panels and layouts for the UI. (As shown in the left half of the below pic)

    Color Variation is found in the Appearance Variation Controls and is a slider labels "Color Variation." (Shown in the left half of the picture below).

    A better way to get naturalistic color variation is to select your particle system, go into the Lifetime Panel, select "Color," and set color mode to "Random." This will choose spawn colors randomly from a user-defined gradient. For dust you would sample some colors from your existing footage so the particles match (Shown in the right half of the pic below)

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    As ever thanks for your fast and accurate response. How do you view the lifetime panel ? You turn it on!

    I have now done what you suggested and varied the colour - great. I have also adjusted the rising dust.

    Anyone got any suggestions on how to improve this shot ?