Use a layer with effects as a texture for a particle system

academydigitalartacademydigitalart Website User Posts: 24 Just Starting Out

I want to use a layer with effects on it as a texture for a particle system, without using an embedded comp. I know that by using a grade layer, you can "flatten" all layers underneath, the problem is, that a particle system does not accept a grade layer as a texture source. I do not want to use an embedded comp because that would mean that I can't export the comp anymore. Is there any way around using an embedded comp?
I am using Hitfilm 4 Pro.


  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast

    The particle sim does not accept the grade layer flatten trick. As for exporting the comp you can always import a full project and select only what you want from it. In this instance you describe you would import two comps from the project. You only need to import the comp you want and Hitfilm will notice any additional dependencies and also drag those in.

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