Need help with "Subtitles" & Putting a Smaller video playing overlapping a bigger picture.

In the Hitfilm tutorial on YT, I know you can put text. And if I want a black background, I could put a black plane on there. As far as I know, the best way of "adding subtitles to a video", is making a composite shot of a black box plane for whole of the video, then making separate composite shots for the text. But here's the problem, "Alignment", you'd have to move the text to fit the plane.

So, my question is: Is there a way I can make duplicate composite shots of text box (So the alignment is constant within the plane) for making the subtitles. Or is there a way I can use the same composite shot to make an entire script of texts but adjust the timing for when each line of text should appear.

For example: 0:01 to 0:05 - Subtitles "It's such a fine day, isn't it?", 0:06 to 0:09 - "I wish everyday would be a day like this". 


Notice their text on top and btm is changing but the text alignment remains constant when different clip is being played? How can I do that easily instead of creating like 100 composite shots of text and trying to align all 100 within the plane?


2nd Question: How do I put make a smaller sized video playing while overlapping a bigger picture? I'd like to create something like the exmaple below.



Many thanks in advance.


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    Can anyone help me out here?

  • Triem23
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    Overlapping PiP should be done in a Composite Shot. In the top layer's Transform Properties found in the Controls panel you'll use the Scale and Position properties to scale down the top layer and move it where it needs to go. 

    For subtitles... There's really no easy way around it--you need a lot of clips. 

    Make your life easier--don't use a black box, just use white text and use the outline controls in the text for a black outline. This reduces your workload by almost half. 

    Yes, you could make a seperate Composite Shot for each line, but this becomes tedious media management. 

    Instead, render out your video with your PiP--everything BUT your subtitles. Re-import this video to the SAME project, right-click the imported video and select "Make Composite Shot." Rename this "Subtitles."

    Create the text object for your first subtitle. Assuming your project is 1920x1080, make the text object 1720x360 or so. Use it's position properties to move it straight down to align with the bottom of the screen. Set the "Justification" to Center. Enter the text for the first subtitle and move it to the proper start time. Use the Razor tool to split this clip at the proper end time. Now, change the text for the second subtitles. Split the clip. Repeat until done. This will be faster and easier than making a new Composite Shot for each subtitle. 

    Now, once subtitles are finished, deleted the imported render and move your subtitles Composite onto the Editor Timeline. Re-render your final.

    The reason I have you deleting the first render is that Hitfilm always anti-aliases on output. By rendering, re-importing and re-rendering you'll end up with a final video that's softer than the original. That first render was just to make it easier to set up the subtitles comp. 

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    Thx Triem for your tip and the guidance!

    I was just looking for a good workflow with subtitles. This worked out well!

  • Triem23
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    Glad it worked out! 

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