How to import just the 2nd video in Hitfilm 4?

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I don't know if it is possible... I did many cuts on my first video and I chose the best parts, which I selected and put on the ''video 2''. Now I will compile all the cuts of the video 2 in a sequence, just like in a normal video. But I want to import only the video 2 to .mp4 format, how do I do that?  for example, in the image below I would like just to export the ''video 2''. 


But there's no option to export ''video 2'' in 'Export setting' , just: Content Area, Work Area and Entire Timeline.



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    Click the eye icon next to Video 1 to mute it. But you'll have black gaps. 

    Why don't you just save your project under a new name, delete Video 1 and start editing Video 2? Rendering a track to re-import, slice and re-edit wastes a lot of time. Especially for a straight clip edit. 

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    Triem23 Thanks. It's because I will import more 2 videos and choose (cut) the best part of each one to ''create'' a new video. But you're right, it's really time-consuming the way I'm doing. I think I'll use the trimmer instead.

    by the way, how can I make the my viewer larger? like this: 

    I think I should use the workspace area, but I'm a complete noob...



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