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Hey Everyone,

I have finally finished a music video for a local band near Norwich and would love your thoughts on the final thing. It managed to get picked up by a distribution company and is now on YouTube and Vevo.

It was edited completely in Hitfilm 4 Pro. All colour grading and VFX (small amount) was also done in the software.

Would love some feedback. Obviously if you like it (and apologise for plugging here) but would really appreciate shares and likes etc.

Hope you enjoy.



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    Looks absolutely incredible, by the way, get your name on the description, that's just straight up wrong that you're not on there. You want to get your name out there, they're basically using you, no offense.

    The color is something I normally notice if it's way off, but I feel like it's very balanced, the tone is just right for what's going on the screen, the mood is perfect IMO.

    The camera work was a bit meh at times, but you had no control over that, so let's let that slide. I do think that you did a good job on the VFX, I'm assuming a few masks here and there? I don't see anything in particular you would assume is VFX, which is what VFX is all about. 

    I could be wrong though, but I'm sure the other users would notice, considering they're working with VFX a lot more than I am.

    If all the smoke in the video is VFX, then my mind is blown, I'm sure if I spend more time and analyze I would probably find out, but that does look really good, and I'm very happy for you that all you guys hard work paid off, can't wait to see more videos from you. :)


  • @KevinTheFilmmaker

    Thanks for the amazing review. The feedback and coverage this has been getting it pretty insane! It's even available to buy on itunes now which I never thought would happen!

    My name is in the description, but unfortunately my Formulated Films name isn't. They did say that with music videos it's mainly the director and producer that gets credit, not the company, hence why my name is on both.

    This the first video I spent a lot of time balancing the colours. There's still bits that I couldn't make perfect but that's because I was changing between two different cameras with very different settings.

    Funnily enough I also did the camera work so that's my bad. (although did have another operator doing stuff too). It was hard getting everything shot with imminent bad weather which is why some shots aren't perfect.

    Yeah there was quite a bit of masking and stabilisation. The end shot has a lot of masks going on blurring out licence plates and signs etc.

    The smoke is real I'm afraid, my VFX skills aren't that good haha.

    Thanks again, it's great to be able to finally share it to the world.


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    Sometimes it was a bit shaky, but that's down to personal preference which is not really valid criticism IMO, but more about what I enjoy the most, so we can just forget that, and sorry. :)

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    Has anyone else got any thoughts on the video at all?

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    Well, looks superb to me. Well done.

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    @FormulatedFilms - I really liked this. Just my kind of music, and hits you right out the bat with some heavy material. Few points as I come across them: 
    1. Don't know if you mean to, but the lighting behind the band kind of looks like headlights, which juxtaposes really nicely with the fact that the car has crashed and there are no working headlights. It's a stark contrast. 
    2. In frame 0:10 and a few more, you can see the lights you're using on the scene reflected in the car. Which is a bugger to get rid of and almost impossible to simply hide, so I appreciate why you left it in. 
    3. The actual crash itself was well done - I thought it might risk looking fake, but the impact and quick cut to black works well.
    4. Story wise, it's annoying that he decides to drive them when an ambulance would have (I'm assuming) arrived at the house much quicker and been able to treat her on the scene - but that wouldn't be as dramatic I suppose :P

    All in all, very good. I spent more time watching the video than concentrating on the music, which is a good thing :) Nice use of slow motion at the end though, as the music calms. 

    Look forward to seeing the next one!

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    Wow, that is a really solid bit of work you did there @Formulatedfilms , very professional looking, nicely shot and some good editing. Don't know your budget and team size but this looks like a professional shoot. Also helped by a good script and nice acting. Oh and song was good too.

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    I agree with your last point Andy, more often than not the acting makes or breaks the entire thing. This is indeed very professional, I LOVE IT!

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    I'm normally happy to wade in and offer my opinion ;) But for me it stalled at the starting line... The thumbnail of a some random bloodstained head did absolutely nothing to make me want to click on 'Play'.

    It looked unfinished and even the framing isn't symmetrical, with a larger border at the bottom than the top.

    Now I realise this is completely unfair and ignores all the work you put into it, but...just sayin': a proper thumbnail would have drawn me in...and probably others and you'd have got more feedback. :)

    Now if you've got another version elsewhere on the Band's site etc. then fair enough, but still: thumbnails are important. ;)

    Also, regarding what they told you about credits: I'd imagine that if ILM did some effects work on anything, they're credited as ILM, with a logo etc. and a list of names.

    Edit: OK, I just watched it. Nice. Very Romeo and Juliet with the 'twist' on who's really dead.

    I sort of expected the earlier scenes of them together to be more bright, more vibrant, more 'happy', but it was quite flat. You could have drained the colour out when he finds her on the ground, as it would have when the blood drained from his face in 'reality'.

    The fades as you pulled back at the end didn't quite work for me. My OCD (should really be spelt CDO, of course) made me aware that things changed between shots quite a lot, which pulled me out of the scene. I think it's because the white car in the middle of the shot with the flashing lights on it made it more noticeable. But, that's just me. ;)

    BTW. I watched it at 1.5 speed - as I do most things - and the band sounds great sped up. Not sure I want to listen to them at x1 speed now. :)

  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I have some responses to your posts below:

    @KirstieT - Thanks for your kind words. If you liked the band they are based in Yarmouth and do quite a few gigs in Norwich so is practically on Hitfilms doorstep.

    1)I'll be perfectly honest, the lights behind the band were not intentionally supposed to be like headlights. It was more to provide a contrast to the darkness of the car crash scene.

    2) Yeah I really tried to get around the lights reflecting but it just made it stand out more. Same with the lights flickering, due to the 120fps slow-mo

    3) Thanks - I actually was worried the car crash scene wouldn't work. If you watch it again and look closely you'll see that the car is only travelling about 5-10mph when shooting the actor. It's because he didn't have a licence (and didn't tell me until the day before the shoot) so we had to push it down a hill on a closed road and let it roll. I then cut to the actress as much as possible as we could drive at full speed with that. It's noticeable if you look for it, but the fact nobody has picked it up yet shows it worked :)

    4) Funnily enough the original script was a lot different than this but we had to change it to this due to time constraints and logistical nightmares. The original script had him rushing her to the hospital as he she was pregnant which would obviously make more sense than him calling an ambulance and driving himself.

    @Andy001z Thanks very much. It was actually made on practically zero budget. If you take into consideration some travelling expenses for the actors and food etc it prob worked out to about £200 overall. Just good to ask around I find. 

    @CNK - Thanks again. I too, am very proud of our actors. They were so method that it was sometimes hard to tell if they were genuinely hurt or if they were still in character. Funnily enough, 2 of the smaller parts are actually my family too.

    @Palacono - Thanks for the great feedback. Unfortunately I signed the video to a record label that then gave it out for distribution. Therefore I had no control over it's release and therefore couldn't do anything about the thumbnail. As soon as I saw it I phoned up and complained that it was a terrible thumbnail, but unfortunately they still haven't done anything. On Vevo and itunes they have used a much better one.

    That also brings me on to the point of Formulated Films being on there. Again, it was flagged with the thumbnail but alas, nothing yet. I haven't been too fond of them to be honest as they also screwed up the upload as it came down for about 4/5 hours on the first day and the 1000 views we had were lost.

    The flashbacks were intentionally a bit flat as I wanted to try and show they were like dreams. I bumped up the contrast as you'll see with the bright red sofa and outdoor shot, but I guess I could have made it a bit more vibrant as you say.

    You are aware that the final shot is one take that unfortunately had to be broken up into fades? They aren't separate shots stitched together. It broke my heart breaking it up as it is a beautiful shot, but it was just too long and I preferred slow mo broken up instead of a sped up video. I actually had a lot more slow mo shots that were gorgeous but they completely messed with the flow of the video so I couldn't use them.



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    OK, dreams 'shorthand' is often blurry edges to the frames, so I didn't read it as that.

    Yep, I know it was a long single shot and the cuts'n'fades are often done to skip ahead in time - a single take montage, if you will - but maybe something about the speed of the fades, or the sizes of the gaps between them, or the total number of them...? I don't know. I'm just saying me, one person only, found it...noticeable.

    OK, Just watched it again and I think it's partly the flashing lights on the car dashboard. They change from cut to cut, even fade/cutting during a flash at one point. I know that's a silly thing to worry about when you're more interested in the actor's performance; just a bright flashing light tends to stand out (especially on a large screen) and the (my) eye sees what the eye sees. File it under 'almost entirely unimportant, but perhaps try and avoid?' :)

  • @Palacono - yeah that's a fair comment about the dreams etc.

    Yeah I totally agree with you on trying to sync the cuts to the flashing light. Might have made it stand out less. I tried to hide the cuts into the beats of the track instead as I thought that would make it stand out less and add to the emphasis of the song. All in all, very valid points so thanks very much for giving the time to view and comment. I really appreciate it. :)

  •  Just made a small BTS showing how we pulled off the music video as well as some fun bloopers. Please let me know what you think.

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    That is a terrific video.  Really well done - if I ever make anything approaching that good I'll be a a very happy man!!

    The band are brilliant too, and you made their performance look enigmatic and important.