Shrink and move an object throughout a video

Is it possible to take an object (specifically a human) and make them continually shrink throughout a video. also is it possible to move that object (human) throughout the video?


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    Keyframes are what you need. There is tutorial for them, I dont have the link at the moment but simple "HitFilm Keyfram Tutorial" youtube search should find it.

    The properties you are wanting to keyframe are the 'position' and 'scale' :)

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    If your person is already part of the video, then this becomes hugely more complicated. If you film the person on greenscreen, then you can easily keyframe the scale or position to move them about. But if they are already in the video you want to manipulate, then you have to start by rotoscoping them out, which means carefully drawing a mask around the edge of the person for every. single. frame of video. then, depending how you want to move them, you have to create a new background for the video, to fill in the place where the person originally was. Once that is done, then you can keyframe the person's position or scale.

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    Hey guys thanks for your replies. I have to remove the person from the video so i started by making a mask around them on each frame. once i have that done (around 40 masks) how do i cut (for lack of better word) then keyframe the person in the video?

    would putting a green background around the person, essentially creating a green screen video, and then posting that green screen video on a new background work?

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    I HIGHLY recommend you watch a video on keyframing, you only need ONE mask if your doing it the way I think. 

    You need to open the mask propertie's and select key frames for the 'path'. Go to the next frame and move the point of the mask to cut your man out. Each time you go to a new frame and move points their locations will be saved for that give time stamp. Scrub back through and you'll see the mask move with you man.

    I'm at work and don't have time for more details, can one of you guys clairify key frames to him? I'd hate for him to rotoscoping his whole scene to find out it won't work @axelWilkinson @triem23 @aladdin4d

  • THANK YOU! the path property was exactly what i needed. 

    Also i watched a few videos on keyframing but the tutorials were for adding an image or an effect (like lights on a car). I understand how to edit a keyframe now, but im not sure how to remove my mask and add it to a new background.