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I'm using an iPhone 6 to record videos and Hitfilm 4 Express as my editor for my YouTube channel. I've imported and used four or five videos with no issues. The editing was perfect and the final products were beautiful. Last night and today I've encountered the audio becoming out of sync in the trimmer after a couple of minutes. It appears to get worse and worse as the video plays. It plays just fine with a video player outside of HitFilm. 

I am quite new to video editing and am unsure what I need to do to remedy this issue. And unfortunately, I have a deadline to meet today for my business with regards to these videos. 

Thank you so much for your assistance!


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    iPhones shoot in a Variable Frame rate codec which Hitfilm doesn't like. You'll need to convert your footage to a Hitfilm friendly format. 

    This thread has two tutorials. First is procedure, second has optimized settings. 

    Set Handbrake to output identically named files to a new folder. 

    Rename the folder of original footage. Open Hitfilm and open your project. Hitfilm will report missing media. Assign the first clip to the new transcoded version and Hitfilm should find the rest. You can re-render your timeline. 

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    Thank you! There was no link to the threads. I will see if I can  locate them and give this a try. 

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    The thread I found was about audio issues similar to my own. In it you recommended a video which suggests to use Handbrake to convert the fps to constant from variable.

    I created a new folder on my computer, and a new name for the file in Handbrake. Then converted to constant fps and my files to .mp4, renamed the original file folder and opened Hitfilm. I selected the new, fps converted file when prompted by Hitfilm. But upon reviewing my video, the audio is still out of sync toward the middle through the end. It's definitely not as drastically out of sync, but it is noticeable. 

    Do you have any suggestions of things I can do to remedy this?

    Thank you so much!

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    This is the link you've repeated in other posts, Triem23. Is this the link you intended to send me earlier? 

    (I noted this link so that anyone experiencing this issue will find it on this thread.)



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     Please help. The last five minutes of my twelve minute project still has the audio out of sync with the video. It becomes progressively worse and worse. Are there any suggestions as to what my next move should be? I'm a day past a business deadline. Thank you.

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    Wow. This has been a crazy ride. So, if you are experiencing what I have been, follow Triem23's direction above. But use the following link to walk you through the settings on Handbrake. Pay attention to your FPS setting. For iPhone 6 it is 30 fps. 

    With Triem23's help, and this walk through my audio/ visual sync problem is solved!

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