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Trying to make a puff of smoke appear when a character teleports.

I am tampering with shockwave quick 3d effect set to ripple and the colors white and gray but its meh...

Is there a way to link the shockwave and the smoke effect somehow to the smoke particles blow outward?


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    I ended up just tweaking the heck out of shock wave and tilting the axis appear deeper, added a bulge, and some more color corrections... I give it a 7 out of 10.

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    You're in Pro, right? Build you're own using a Circle Emitter with a Disc Trajectory. Then you can use custom (and animated) textures. 

    The Shockwave presets are ok, but limited. I actually use them a lot, but always layered with either multiple shockwaves or other particle effects. 

    So, Duplicate your existing Shockwave a couple of times and slightly tweak the copies a bit--changing colors a little and/or (texture) sizes. I find layering a slightly smaller/faster Shockwave with a larger/slower Shockwave looks better. The fast one becomes the initial wave kicking up dust, the slower one being the dust roiling and expanding. Take the Opacity down a bit (like 90%) and you can build up some nice depth. 

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    You can also adjust the textures yourself and overwrite the originals, as some of them look quite quick'n'dirty. :)

    Want to change the bricks in the debris effect to stars (for example)? Draw stars on the texture and export a new .PNG with the brick's name (save original elsewhere).

    Or just rename it and you'll get white circular blobs as default replacements.

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