Only one of four audio tracks is being imported

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So, I'm still very, very new to video editing and everything that entails, so please bear with me. So, I have  a YouTube channel and a Twitch account. I use some software called OBS to stream and record, and then I use Hitfilm 4 Express to make videos out of the streams and post them to YouTube. For a while now, I've been trying to get multi-track audio working, and I finally did it. OBS records 4 audio tracks, streams 1, and tracks 2, 3, and 4 are recorded. It records into an mp4 file and, by opening my streams in VLC, I've made sure that, in fact, all 4 tracks are there in the file. However, when I try to import the video into Hitfilm, it only imports audio track 1. Now, track 1 is the track with all the audio, but I've lost multiple streams because the game is too loud, or too quiet, and I can't change it independently because the other audio tracks weren't imported! I currently using a windows 10 machine with 16GB of RAM, and a dual core Intel i5 3.3GHz processor. I also record in 1080p with 48000KHz audio, and this problem is very recurring. If you need more information, please let me know and I will respond ASAP. Again, if I didn't explain it well, I'm very sorry, but thankful if you'll bear with me.


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    Hitfilm only supports one audio stream/track in a video file. To work around this you will have to extract the other audio streams/tracks from the video file and import them separately.

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    Would be nice if it gave you a popup informing you that you were importing more than one audio track though and it was only going to use one of them. One for the wishlist. :)

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    @Palacono Yes, things like that are trivial to implement so it is sad that they are not. If you are going to ignore anything in a file (video or audio) then let us know.

    The more frequent item is variable frame rate video. A warning should be given on that situation. Even if testing for such would take time, and thus make the UI unresponsive, then just fire off a background thread to handle it.


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