HDR Video problems

Hey, I've got a HDR video with alternating exposures on each frame. 
I've shot the video at 59.94fps, and I'm trying to separate it by opening a composite shot, duplicating the footage, deleting the first (underexposed) frame from the second clip, and setting the speed of the two clips to 200% in order to get rid of every other frame that I don't want. 

When I set the clip that starts on the underexposed frame to 200% I get constant underexposed video. Thumbs up!
Problem is, when I set the clip that starts on the overexposed video to 200%, I get constant underexposed video. What?! 

This is so frustrating! I've done it over a few times to make sure that everything was fine on my end. 

My video settings are fine, and match up with the footage. The software recognizes the clips as 59.94FPS. What gives?

The idea is that once that is solved, I can do a cheap little workaround by using a luminance key to key out the brighter portions of the underexposed video, render, and then have the video play back at 50% to give me a 30fps HDR clip. 

Any ideas? 


  • Aladdin4d
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    Hmmm I'm not sure what's going on but are you familiar with Avisynth at all? I think it might be the best way to go for this if you are.

  • Palacono
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    When you cut off the first frame of the second composite, do you slide it back along the timeline by one frame before settin git to 200%?

    Or, rather than setting it to 200% speed, does it work any differently if you change the Composite's properties to 29.97 instead?

    Or...cut off the first frame in the Editor, make a Composite shot that's 29.97 from that and see if it gets the framing correct.

    Or, last ditch effort, cut off the first frame, reexport it as a new file and do what worked for the first composite at 200%, only with a guaranteed different input video that should show the other alternate frames.

    BTW, what camera re you using?

  • I've tried the first two, Palacono, 
    but the third is a great suggestion! I'll give it a try! 
    I'm using a 600D with Magic Lantern. 

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