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So, I know that the maximum resolution in wich you can render in Express is 1080p. However, I couldn't info on wether you can input 4k footage on the editor, and export on 1080p, or if you can only edit videos that are on 1080p or lesser resolutions.

Does anyone know that?


  • Triem23
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    You can import 4k media into Express. :-) 

  • Bukubread
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    Express can import 4K clips just fine. You do need a capable machine if you want a smooth NLE experience though.

    While we're at it, is there a "4K pack" available for exporting in 4K resolution? Or the only option is to get the Pro edition?

    And, is it possible to "upgrade" an 1080 project to 4K at a later time?


  • Triem23
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    @LoYukFi I believe 4K export is Pro-Only. However, yes, if you upgraded to Pro you could remaster scenes in 4k. Hitfilm won't automatically scale existing media when changing the resolution of the project, so you'll have to rescale. In the Editor Timeline, you can right-click media and select "Scale to Timeline"  (or is it "Scale to fit?"). In a Composite Shot, if you create a new point, parent existing media and points to this point, then Scale up the point, that will propagate down the media and scale everything up in one shot. 

  • Thanks. Cause a Pro copy maybe in my cart later so I'd like to know in advance : )


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    Hi there,

    I got a question kind of related to this one. I am recording a gaming video and my screen resolution is in WQHD (1440 pix large). 

    Now with that recording (mp4) I want to create a 720p video in Hitfilm Express. But when dragging and dropping my vid to the viewer panel, the video is "cropped" to make it 720p. Have a look for yourself on this screenshot :

    Octofrag testing 1440p vid

    Is there anyway to scale it (rather then crop)  when importing in the viewer panel ?

    Or should the source be recorded at 1080p maxi with the express version ? 

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    Nevermind ! I found the answer by looking at this tutorial :   using the transform scaling in the control tab ;). Just leaving this question in case someone asks the same later on. 


  • Aladdin4d
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    You can also right click a clip on the timeline, select Transform then Fit To Frame

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