Cannot open file / "File new" crashes Hitfilm

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Hi all,

currently I'm using Hitfilm 4 Pro (latest version) in Windows 10 64bit. I've had this problem (see below) earlier (Win 7 64bit) but was somehow able to solve it by resetting Window's firewall settings (saying: had to remove Hitfilm from the "allowed programmes list" and thereafter add it again). Well, that doesn't help anymore obviously.

My problem:  To be exact, Hitfilm 4 was working. Then I updated to a new version and the trouble began (at least 10 times up to now). Anyhow, after each update I ran into the "cannot open file" problem. I was able to solve that by the above named firewall "procedure" earlier but currently that does not help anymore. Anytime I'm trying to open a saved project, Hitfilm is telling me that it cannot read the contents of the file. Even worse, I cannot even start a new project as Hitfilm right away crashes, asking me to send an error report. Well, I did so innumerable times but didn't get any reply. What's the use of an error report if nobody answers to it?

Additionally, I had send a personal message once but did not get a reply either, so I'm meanwhile somehow doubting whether purchasing Hitfilm was a good idea. It's better to get a "sorry, can't help"-message than no reply at all. Don't get me wrong: I really do like Hitfilm's capabilities and actually would like to make use of them but it's getting a real pain meanwhile as after each update it quits working (well, at least in my obviously extremely rare case).

However, I know that this might be a very special problem of/on my machine but am curious to see if anybody else is suffering from the very same problem.

And yes, off course, any solution is highly appreciated! Quite so, ANY answer highly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,



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