Retry option for youtube upload failures?

I spent about 30 minutes waiting for a video encode to complete only to have the following upload fail. I attempted to retry, but it started re-encoding again.

Why isn't it using the previous encode? Is there an option to make it stop re-encoding on failure and simply reuse the previous encode?


  • FlyingBanana78
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    @voidpointer I am not positive but I have noticed as well when I go to upload a video to youtube lately that it will tell me 'upload failed, try again later' but then I can just refresh the page and upload the video with no problem.

  • Palacono
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    Yep, YouTube has these fits occasionally. They're always changing something. Takes several goes even uploading normally, let alone using an external program like Hitfilm. Why not export it to your computer first then upload it? If you get an error, then you just upload again - it usually works fine the second time.

    The YouTube upload option is really only there for people to be able to do something with the Pro demo version (limited to 30 seconds) and I don't think it's really intended for 'normal use'.

    You might find a mistake and then you'd have to go to YouTube, delete it and reupload a new version. Much easier to check it's all good before uploading. Plus you have a backup copy. :)

  • Triem23
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    Also the Youtube upload is a specific mp4 bitrate. Exporting to PC first gives you a lot more control over output parameters.

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