Video Imports With No Sound

I have been using Hitfilm 4 Express for a month or so now, and just recently I've been having problems. I use screencast-o-matic to record my videos and then I download them as an MP4 file and import them into Hitfilm. I used to have no problems, edit them and thats it, but recently the MP4 files have been importing without sound. When I play the files on my computer I hear sound, but not when I import it into Hitfilm. The audio line is flat, no soundwaves. 


  • Ady
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    @Koalas4life6253 - What format is the audio in? HitFilm 4 Express does have some audio limitations which might explain the behavior you are seeing.

    Although I would expect that to have been consistent though but you appear to state that this problem has only just started happening?

    Is there a chance you could upload a sample for us to take a look at?


  • Koalas4life6253
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    @Ady The audio and video files are merged together into an mp4 file. The program was working fine until the day I posted this. I could upload a sample if you need it. It does work though, it just takes me importing it like 20+ times. Sorry that it took so long to reply.

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