Multicamera Edits, possible?

I was wondering if HitFilm can handle MultiCamera footage and how does it sinc the footage?
Thanks for your input.


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,252 Staff
    HitFilm doesn't have multicam editing, as such, but it is possible to edit footage from multiple cameras.  Drop each camera's footage onto a separate track of the editor, and you can cut between them.  You can use the tried and true method of a clapperboard to make syncing the footage easy.
  • rgbii
    rgbii Posts: 965 Just Starting Out
    If you are talking about multiple cameras shooting the same event, then switching between them during edit, as far as I know,  HF doesn't have a built in feature to help with that.  It can still be done, but you'd need to sync and switch between then manually. Even though HF has an editor, it's really more for composites, and special effects.
    I know Vegas Pro has a nice MultiCamera mode.
  • Gochos
    Gochos Posts: 3
    Thanks for the answers. I guess this will not replace my Premier Pro. I just cant get used to moving from Premier Pro to After Effects etc so liked the idea that Hitfilm might be the answer.
    However, I guess Hitfilm will be ideal if I a filming an RSA animate type graphic recording to edit and add voice over, but also animate parts f the graphic ?