Best Settings for final product to be played on a 42" wide screen tv

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Can anyone tell me what the best settings should be for the final product to be shown and have the best quality on a 1080P, wide screen 42” TV.
I am transcoding to uncompressed AVI first from the camera’s generated AVCHD files. Was also looking at what the aspect setting might need to be for best results and what the finished product output should be to put on a DVD (or Blue ray) to play on 42” wide screen TV and have the best quality.

Much thanks for any and all assistance!


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    For delivery, I almost always use the H.264 codec in an mp4 file. It plays nicely with YouTube and looks good in HD (=on your TV-screen) while keeping the file size reasonable. Of course it depends on the bitrate you choose for export, you'll have to play with that - the higher the bitrate, the better the quality, but the bigger the file.
    EDIT: Just saw that you want to burn on a dvd. To do that I'd render out a high-quality file and just let a DVD-authoring program handle the converting for the dvd.
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