Lil help...silhouette as mask?

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my idea was to try something like this.

use a greenscreen'd moving person, and use their silhouette as

a mask with a fire effect showing only where the silhouette is.

Then, i was gonna try and use an ink drop (either green ink on black

or black ink on white) and have the fire silhouette revealed as the ink

slowly drops down from above.

Any ideas on how one could do this, or if it is possible?

I've tried messing with the displacement,difference key, and matte

effects,  and different blend modes but can't seem to puzzle it out.

Thanx for any help,     :)


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    found the first part of what i was looking for here...

    Double Exposure

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    You'll need to take your actor into his/her own Composite Shot and key there. You'll also want to take your ink into it's own Composite Shot and process it to be Black and White then push the contrast a bit. 

    Bring your fire into its own Composite Shot, then drag in your keyed and ink Composites (using a Comp Shot as a media clip in another Composite is called "embedding.") Go ahead and hide the embedded Comps. 

    On your fire clip add the Set Matte filter. Set the source layer to the Key Composite layer, the Matte type to Alpha and the Mode to Replace (I am working from memory, I might have the exact name of the controls wrong, but you want the Key Layer, Alpha Matte, Replace, wherever you find those options). 

    This should restrict the fire to the shape of your outline. 

    Add a second Set Matte. This one uses the Ink Composite as the Source, should be set to Luma/Luminance Matte with a SUBTRACT Mode. You might have to check the Invert Matte box. This is subtracting the white parts of the Ink from the fire, which should complete your effect. 


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