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So I asked  this over on the Linus Tech Forum... hopefully you guys will have a little more insight....

"I am trying to make a spider web in 3DS Max and was unsuccessful so I found this file of an editable Spider Web preset, but... I can't figure out how to open it in 3DS. Its been 2 hours with no avail, migrane is setting in.

The link below with take you to the place I downloaded it at. You're my only hope!"




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    I'll tag @NxVisualStudio for this since he's a master of 3DS Max. However, I know Tony's in the middle of a move so he might not see this for a few days.

    I see the web thing is using the MCG plug-in format, so I have no idea if this video will help, but it seemed relevant.


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    @Triem23 Perhaps you deserve a title as well as Simon... you solved my issue. I plan on making the 3D model tomorrow and tutorial for that spider man intro to help our friends on the other thread.

    TriFlix is back, Baby! :)

    Thanks Grand Poo-Ba Triem

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    Not so sure about Poo-Ba, I tend towards letters after his name, like RHD for Right Hand Drive, Really Helpful Dude. :)


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    @Palacono Agreed (RHD > Poo-Ba) haha it was more of a joking nod towaards his suggestion for the "Title Issues.. Any Suggestions" thread I started yesterday :)

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