the easiest way to animate an image?

So I have a simple image loop that came from a gif. It only has four frames and basically I want to make a composite shot of it, where each animation frame stays for five frames for example before it switches to the next. What do I need to do, or rather, what's the most simple way of doing this?


  • SteveKarstensenSteveKarstensen Website User Posts: 336

    Drop each image into your composite as a layer, then drag each end of its duration indicator (the long blue bar in the comp's timeline) until it's leftmost edge is at the first frame you want the image to appear, and the rightmost edge is at the last.  The duration bars should form a "steps" pattern once you're done if you did it right.

  • noClue9001noClue9001 Website User Posts: 6

    Oh, I see. Got it to work. Thanks!

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