Avengers Fan Film - Need VFX help

Hi guys,
  Earlier this year I shot an Avengers short with a big fight battle. Heroes such as Cap America, Iron man, Spider-Man, etc. It was me and another that was supposed to do all of the VFX. He can no longer assist due to schooling, so I am left alone. Would anyone like to help with some FX? Nothing too major. Just things like lasers, fire balls, muzzle flashes, spidys web, etc. Please let me know thanks. 


  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,448 Enthusiast
    You're probably going to need to provide more details before anybody is going to commit.
    - How many shots?
    - How long are the shots?
    - Static, handheld?
    - Shot on greenscreen, or is there a ton of rotoscoping to do?
    Also, a showreel or previous work so that people can see the general quality of your work - or even a sample from your Avengers fanfilm.
  • I might be interested. Always looking for things to do in Hitfilm/Mocha Pro.   But like Simon pointed out we need some more info.