black sides

how do you get rid of the black sides from a movie from phones



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    The snotty answer is: turn your phone horizontally when shooting video to begin with and you won't have this issue. 

    The answer that helps you: in the Layer/Track properties of the clip increase the scale until the footage goes edge to edge, then adjust the position properties until you see the part of the footage you want. 

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    If I think this is what I think it is, then you have filmed your movie with the phone vertical (upright) and then you are bringing it into a editor or composit size that is more like say 1080p (wider than tall). You can either change the size to match the size of your orginal media or stretch it out in Hitflim but this may reduce the qaulity and most likely loose the top and bottom of your shot.

    Either re-shoot with your phone sideways (horizontal) or accept the bars, after all most people know this means shot on a phone, and might add to the look of your film.

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    Or, do a combination of both (which seems to be the accepted method on TV) which is to duplicate the layer, then scale the lower one up to fill the screen and put the Blur Effect on it and crank it up quite a lot. This will give you something to fill in the black areas with something that's relevant, as it's the same video.

    Hide the visibility of the upper layer so you can see what you're doing with the lower one. Then turn the visibility of the original 'upright' footage in front of that back on and possibly increase the scale just a little to lose a little at the top and bottom, but make the black sides a bit smaller. Depending on how important the top or bottom information is will influence how far you want to scale it up.

    You could alternatively replace the side areas with some other image or background or frame, but the blurry version of the same video is quick and simple.

    Then watch this video. :D

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    @Palacono That video is gold! Thanks for posting :D

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    thanks for the help {it was not me who took the vids}

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