Exporting an audio file (like MP3, WAV, or AIFF)

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Is there any way to export audio file type through the software?

I want to export the audio from a video file so that I can open it with another software (like Audacity) and then further separate the vocal audio from other audio and then save that as a new audio file. 

I get to the point where I unlink the audio from the video so that it is treated as a separate layer, but then there are no options for exporting the above mentioned, specific audio types. I can export the "audio only" option by checking the box, but that doesn't export it as a compatible audio file. Even when you export it with only the audio box checked, you can't open that file with other audio editing software because it is still a video file type.

I think the only option I am left with is converting the exported video file (AVI, or MP4) to an audio file with a separate file converting software, even though it is already an exported file that only has audio in it.

Any ideas of how to export files as audio file types?


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    There is a free addon for audacity that lets you import video and itll automatically remove the audio for you. Sorry, I don't know the answer to your specific question though.

    Also, can you export that audio only type and manually change the file type with a file rename so audacity can attempt to read it?

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    Right now you're correct, there isn't a way to export audio only. As I think you have figured out, the best way to export audio is as AVI then using other software to separate the audio. 

    As Triflix mentioned, Audacity can do this easily and it's free. 

    Even when you uncheck "Export Video," It's still a video file with a "blank" written to every frame. 

    Hopefully future versions of Hitfilm will have audio-only export. 

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    In addition to Audacity (...which is probably your best bet if you're going to use it to process the audio anyway), Video2Video does the same thing.  Just select an audio format when it asks you what you want to convert your file to.

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    Where can I find the add-on for Audacity?

    Forget about it. I just put the AVI-file into Sony Vegas Pro render it within seconds into a WAV-file and I'm done. Great!!!!

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    Thanks for all the tips, I will just try to edit the audio in Audacity

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    I'd like to just say it's crazy how little they actually care about those who own this product. The fact that you have to use a third party software because they refuse to add small features like this is dumbfounding. This has been an issue since 2016 and 4 years later they still don't have a feature for it. Yet, someone stated they used sony vegas which... isn't this supposedly is a competitor to them? You'd think that would say something...

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    @Xyphien You are responding to a thread whose last post was over four years old.

    Hitfilm does have WAV file export in V15.

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    1- as Norman pointed out, this thread is four years old.

    2 - as Norman pointed out, Hitfilm DOES now have audio only Exporting.

    3 - You bring up Vegas Pro like that's supposed to "score points against FXHOME." Are you aware that Hitfilm integrates with Vegas and the Vegas Effects/Vegas Image programs in the Vegas Post Suite are FXHOME products? FXHOME and the Madison team are friends.

    4 - "Doesn't care about the users?" Oh, dear... I don't know if you're on Pro or Express, but you need some schooling. In the last year FXHOME changed the Express encoder as to stop selling a codecs add-on that used third party tech, opening up more import formats to the free version of Express and depriving themselves of one paid product. They MASSIVELY lowered the prices of the Express add-on packs, AND donate part of those sales to charity. Again, a benefit to the users, and reducing their own income. Third party Express add-ons (Boris and Mocha) are buy-once keep forever. Every time those add-ons move to a new version, FXHOME is charged for them. The existing users aren't. FXHOME eats the upgrade cost for those existing users.

    Note that companies like Adobe have, literally, hundreds of programmers for each of their products. FXHOME is an under-30-person company with five current product lines. Back out Exec/Admin staff, office/accounting staff, testing/QA/support staff, marketing/social media/tutorial staff and how many devs might you guess each app has? Those are the hardest working programmers in the industry.

    Finally, let's compare to other companies... There's a free version of Resolve, which disables GPU acceleration - a core feature. While Express has add-ons, paying for GPU acceleration isn't one of them (or codecs, and we discussed the Express add-ons just lowered in price). Would you prefer Adobe? Ok, you'd better pay them on time, because when your Adobe subscription ends you don't keep your current version of the software, they turn your software off until you give them more money. And while most traffic on this forum is users and volunteer mods, Staff - including devs and the CEO - regularly post on here. I can't think of another VFX company that does that.

    Frankly, when it comes to companies that care about their users, you're hard pressed to find another that does as well as FXHOME. I'd say you owe them an apology, but I'm about to close this four year old thread that now gives incorrect information.

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