Hitfilm is only showing me one layer of my composite shot

I clicked a button accidentally while i was motion tracking something, and it made my composite shot only show me one layer of my composite at a time (i click on my live footage and i can view that, but not the gunshots on it, and vica sersa), as opposed to all of them together. (ie: Live footage + muzzle flashes on top of it)
in order to complete this project (shootout) i need to be viewing all layers at the same time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as it was a large shootout scene with many guns going off at the same time, and it took a very long time to add in all of the muzzle flashes.


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,073 Ambassador
    In the viewer panel, there are tabs for "Viewer" (The entire Composite shot) and "Layer" (Only the current layer). Check that?
  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,252 Staff
    Yeah, it sounds like you have the Layer tab selected in the Viewer, which will only show you, well, the currently selected layer.  Switch back to the Viewer tab to view your entire composite shot.  Which is exactly what Triem23 just said.