How to precisely control volume?

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Besides dragging the horizontal bar on an audio file up or down, is there a precise (numerical input; 50%, 200%, etc) way to change the volume of an individual audio file? If there is, I would love to know it. Thanks!


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    In the "controls" panel you see the level control which corresponds to the NLE timeline volume envelope. Each clip on the timeline is separate from the others. Simply select the relevant timeline event/clip and then adjust the value.

    If you are keyframing the volume envelope on the NLE timeline then you can precisely change the value of a specific volume keyframe node. Simply point at the node, and you will see it get highlighted. Then double click the node which selects it and then you can change the value in the controls panel.

    On the composite timeline a media layer with audio will also have this same level control. To keyframe the volume here you use the standard keyframing mechanism of the composite timeline.

    You can also use the channel levels audio effect on both the NLE timeline and composite timeline. You cannot keyframe effects on the NLE timeline so if you need to dynamically adjust volume using this method it will need to be in a composite shot.

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    Thank you, problem solved.

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    The only problem what still isn't solved here is that the viewer stops playing when you adjust the volume.

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