No sound when exported video to MP3

I'm so glad with hitfilm 4 express feature, it's professional and so great. But, when I tried to export the video into mp3, i found mistake at sound. I played it and it's no sound. I was try to export for severaly times with differ ways but it still no sound. Could I know why it happen? And I'm sorry for my pretty bad english cause I'm Indonesian.


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    It works for me, unselect export video and then export audio only.

    Interesting though, it adds an MP4 extension to the file and not MP3. Maybe a staff member can explain why?

    If you are having trouble, export video + audio, and then run it through a video editor and only export the audio through that video editor.  For a freeware use Format Factory, or use the one I use, called Aiseesoft Video Convertor.

    All the best.

    P.S Your English is not bad, it's good ;)

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    @yeremyah I think jungie just mis-typed when he wrote "mp3." Hitfilm doesn't have an audio-only mp3 export, just mp4.

    Just so you know, mp3 is an audio only format. There is an audio only mp4 format, but that's actually called m4a (for mp4-audio), which shows up a lot on iTunes. Hitfilm doesn't have m4a export.

    Jungie, that's a strange issue. Yeremyah mentions the "export video" and "export audio" boxes on the export page. Make certain you haven't accidentally unchecked export audio. You're hearing audio on playback in Hitfilm, correct? You haven't accidentally muted your audio on the timeline?

    If none of these work, could you list your system specs please? Your CPU, GPU, OS and RAM? Lets make certain your computer isn't under spec for Hitfilm.

    Finally, your English is fine. We understood what you were asking, and your English is infinitely better than my Indonesian. :-)

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  • @yeremyah @triem23 Ahh thank u very much! I'll try to fix it. And I'm sorey for the typos.

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    If your problem is that when you export a video it doesn't have audio:

    On the export screen, make sure on the timeline option you have selected the correct content.   I just spent 30 minutes figuring out why I a video I was exporting had no audio in it.   It turned out I had selected a composite (with no audio).   I should have selected "editor" as that timeline was the one I added music to.

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