World of Warcraft Movie Review

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First of all, watching this in 3D was by far the greatest $6 investment I've ever made right next to that box of donuts I bought last week.

The movie is simple, bad guys (The Fel and Orcs of the Horde) want something and try to fight the good guys (Humans of the Alliance) to get it. The good guys have to rely on strength beyond themselves to overcome the antagonists.

Then... it takes a turn, the twists are foreshadowed early in the movie if you have a keen eye for details but as the movie rushes forward the clues become more prevalent. And I'm I mean RUSH, this isn't so Lord of The Rings movie with 45% talking, 45% walking, and one climactic battle scene... the entire movie is climactic. I was on edge the entire time, and I should be... the good guys could loose everything in a split second through out the entire movie.

I commend the director on the pacing, fantasy movies are typically quite drawn out and over explain everything.

Some complained the Special Effects were poor, the wording was too confusing, the names were hard to remember, ect... but remember... the viewer has to keep in mind this film is a game adaptation. The effect look like better rendering of the games spells, the names are from lore, and the storyline was 99% canon. Which I'm glad they didn't change to pander to a wider audience like other companies have in the past *cough* Disney *cough.*

For those that have played the game... The Warcraft Movie is everything you hoped it would be and for those that have never played... hey, at least it's better than Lord of The Rings.

Lastly, the reviews for the movie are complete rubbish... imbd score of 76 but a rotten tomatoes score of 29? The meaning, don't listen to reviewers watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusion of it :)

9.9/10 (I'm holding ".1" ransom until they make the sequel... give them some motivation)

In all honesty, after removing my rose covered glasses of fanboyism it easily earned an 8/10.