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hey guys just did a quick edit for my freind keep in mind im new to this but i am intrested in your honest opinion.

edited with sony vegas pro 13



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    Think it looks like great fun and you captured some nice footage.

    Now just pick up Hitfilm and edit it in that and mix it up a little use some of the effects it offers as the car skiding is cool but gets old quick

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    NIcely done, but could benefit from some more camera positions IMO.

    Xiaomi Yi and similar GoPro clones are so cheap you should have 5 or 6 of them all over the car and the track. Definitely needs a 'wheel eye view' over the rear wheel arch looking down the side of the car, at the bottom of the driver's (or passenger's) door looking forwards, or backwards, plus some 'looking back' shots from the car being followed (at an angle because the car will be sideways most of the time) and a 'bonnet shot looking back at the driver'. Also some ground level trackside shots to catch the cars sliding past.

    They don't all have to be done at the same time, it looks like you moved one camera around on different rides, as it wasn't visible in other shots looking back at where it had previously been, so you might get away with 3 or 4, but get some BIG stable suction cups if sticking them to the outside of the cars. Those can be a bit expensive - also tie a lanyard to it in through a window in case it does come unstuck. :)

    Rallying programs in TV tend to keep the cameras inside the cars to protect them, but if you watch something like Top Gear; they'll put the camera outside all the time, even if only for a short period when it's safe(ish) to do so and it won't get ripped off.

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    Everything that Palacono said 

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    I know that you wrote that you edited the clip for your friend... Personally - the music is rather annoying. I know - different taste and all, but it didn't work for me. I believe you know your friend better - so hopefully the music is in his taste.

    I also agree with @Palacono with more cameras, and more angles would make it more interesting. I'm missing some filming from the outside, e.g. the car passing by etc.

    I bet you had a blast driving the cars that day though. 

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    +1 on Palacono's comments and a couple of other cheap alternative cameras.

    Mobius ActionCam  Small and cheap with some good  car mounting options.

    808 #16 Car Key Micro Cam  Really cheap and although it's only 720p it's tiny with decent quality for what it is. It's a community project on  RC Groups

  • Looks like great fun.. But you are most likely here for the editing tips. So I'd say the font is fine for the title but the animation is unneeded. A static version of the title would work well. Also maybe the title should not be in front of the footage as it ruins the actual footage. the cuts at the beginning work fine but are slightly exaggerated in terms of how long the time is between each cut (also ruins the enjoyment of the footage.) They should be closer together. It is hard to explain through simple text but I think my tips should be a bit clear.

    Hope I helped :)

  • thanks guys i will check out those cameras as far as placement and other video concerns on this perticular video i did not film any of it i only edited.  TheAbstract - thanks for the tips on the intro i made this video before fully understanding the software (sony vegas 13) now with my new knowlege of the software and your tips i think a can smooth it out as for taking away from enjoying the footage, i only cut the video and separate it i didnt delete anything

  • TheAbstract if you happen to check my thread again any tips on how to shorten the pace of the video without messing up the sound effect (heart beat) so that i still get the build up. if i shorten the effect it changes the sound and it just doesent sound good at all. do you think it would look okay if i just started the heartbeat on the cut but let the heartbeat audio blead over with the video audio? any tips would be much appreciated. even if you can think of another way i can do it but get the same build up to the action kind of effect. thanks

  • also i would enjoy if you poped by my other thread where i have a video that i made more recently so you can kinda see how im improving and perhaps give me a few more thips thanks again