How can I do this? [multiple fx]

AmbiroaAmbiroa Website User Posts: 180 Just Starting Out
Hey guys, I have bookmarked this video since it came out and I really like the different fx used in it. But I am having trouble to reverse-engineer what it is I am seeing, no clue what the correct labels/terms are, and searching and combining fx in HF is pretty difficult when not knowing what to look for  :blush:
So what are the things I like and would like to learn?
1. In the first 3 second and on many other moments - especially the shot with the mouth and teeth - you the visual making this repeating movement. I am guessing its keyframing but maybe its possible to do this flicker or jitter?
2. You also see the visual flashing, it this possible with one of the fx, or do I need a composite with a layer filled with white color?;
If you could break down any of the other things you see and can share me suggestions or even exactly how to replicate it, please do chime in  8-| 
Thank you.


  • RobinRobin Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,671 Enthusiast
    Those should be easily done with the "TV damage" or "Film damage" effects. Not sure what you mean by "visual flashing" though?
  • AmbiroaAmbiroa Website User Posts: 180 Just Starting Out
    Thanks I will try those two. Hmmm, to me it looks like a flash light being fired from outside the frame -kinda thing. Imagine you are pointing the lens to a flower, and somebody with a flash fires the flash,  8-| 
  • AmbiroaAmbiroa Website User Posts: 180 Just Starting Out
    I tried the film damage thing combined with cutting the clips and that worked to have the visual moving in Y axis. Any tips how I can do this for having it to move in X axis, or maybe even Z when in 3D layer?
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