Deleting source footage to make space?

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Hi everyone!

So, long story short, I split my latest project up into several parts that were then exported at a pro res resolution, to be thrown into one large, final project. Those pro res files are HUGE. Like, 50 gb huge. Now, I have less then 10 gb on my mac book pro, and I was wondering if I could delete the source files without the final product (already exported) losing data. 



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    If the source files are being used/referenced in a project (for instance clips on a timeline or layers in a composite) then you need to keep them while you're likely to be using that project.

    If you delete them then the project won't be able to find them and it'll show offline media.

    If you've finished the project and exported to a final file - and you're SURE you'll NEVER need it again - then you can delete the project and all the source media to make space.

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    Buy more disk space!!

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    I have a back up drive via time machine- so I can just go through that way! Thank you so much!!